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To Love All... Answering Endless Comments About Love - You're Invited To Comment

www.dearfamilywelcomehome.net - love, peaceful activism, & worldwide resistance!

To Love All - Answering Endless Comments About Lov
Love is the solution. :o)

if anyone else wants to share their comments or opinion on my letter,
and if anyone doesn't want their name on the comments or would like to
share their true feelings about my letter you can find a link to it
below. I don't care how insensitive, blunt or 100% to-the-point your
comments are just as long as they are honest. It is amazing to me how
many people suffer heartbreaks simply because of all the lack of
honesty... so I guess I seek the honest feedback.... from rainbows and anyone, anywhere. thanks.

You can go to http://www.DearFamilyWelcomeHome.net
then click where it says "Rainbow Forums, Click Here"
and then click on "Love Letter #2." Then you can post any comments
anonymously about my letter, without having to register for the rainbow
forums or anything else. thank you everyone!

You can also post poetry, songs, your own letter or anything else there too! *happy laughter*

Lovin you! :o)

Hurricane Katrina Relief And Networking Resources found here.

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